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Viqua 440179 Thermo Relief Valve
Viqua 440179 Thermo Relief Valve
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Viqua 440179 Thermo Relief Valve

Part Number: 440179
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Sterilight 440179 Thermo Relief Valve
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Feature: 2055
Sterilight Viqua 440179 Thermo Relief Valve

- 1" M/NPT Connections

- 3/8" Hose Connection for Relief

- Integral temperature management valve for use on systems incorporating Sterilume-HO, high-output UV lamps such as the Cobalt or Platinum systems.

- This fully automatic valve is installed on the outlet port of the disinfection system and will discharge a small amount of water to drain when the system reaches a preset temperature

- This valve is perfect for applications with extended no-flow conditions, as it allows the lamp to operate within its optimal operating parameters

- The valve assembly comes complete with 10' of clear vinyl drain line

- Opens at 135 degF (57 degC) to keep water temperature below that level

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