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The Benefits of a Hardness Test Kit

Are you looking to test to see if your water has gotten rid of calcium and magnesium that can make water "hard"? At Serv-A-Pure we carry hardness test kits for water testing purposes. Serv-A-Pure offers a hardness test kit to test all of the potential harms your water might hold. There are many benefits when it comes to a hardness test kit and they include being able to monitor the effectiveness of your cleaning solution.

A hardness test kit would serve best in the hands of plumbers, water treatment contractors and other maintenance and building professionals. We offer chlorine test kits made by Hach Co.

Serv-A-Pure Is Your One Stop Shop For Water Filtration Needs

Serv-A-Pure is an industry-leading provider of everything you need to ensure total water purification. We are a small family run business with over 60 years combined experience assisting customers in a variety of industries. If you are not sure of the right water filter system for you or your business, contact our experts to get assistance.

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