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Shop Serv-A-Pure for high-quality mixed bed deionization (DI) resin for your cleaning, spot-free rinse, laboratory and manufacturing needs. Deionization using DI resin in a DI tank or filter is a convenient and cost-effective water filtration process that produces highly purified water on demand — known as "hydrogen hydroxyl" or pure H20. Using mixed bed DI resin, you can remove all organic and inorganic ionized minerals and salts from water through ion exchange. Our DI resin is a cation-anion mixed bed resin that creates high-purity water similar to distilled water, but with an on-demand approach, so you can use it when you need it the most. Remove your total dissolved solids with our bulk DI resin for sale. You can purchase mixed bed DI resin in 1 cubic foot or 0.5 cubic feet. View our entire selection below, and buy your mixed bed DI resin from Serv-A-Pure today.

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