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Cartridge Filters for Millipore Laboratory Water Purification Systems

When it comes to having the purest water for your lab, Millipore Purification Systems are incredibly reliable. To keep these laboratory water purification systems running properly, you'll need genuine Millipore cartridge filters that are tough and resilient. Serv-A-Pure has a wide range of cartridges available to suit the needs of your facility. We carry Millipore Type 1 System Cartridges for models like the Milli-Q, Super-Q and more. You can also find Millipore Type 2 System Cartridges for Elix and other models, as well as Millipore Type 3 System Cartridges for various RiOs products. We offer miscellaneous Millipore items and accessories, too. Find the Millipore cartridge filters you need today!

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