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Myron L D-6, Dialysate Meter
Myron L D-6, Dialysate Meter
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Myron L D-6, Dialysate Meter

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Myron L D-6, Dialysate Meter
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MyronL D-6, Conductivity, Resistivity, TDS, pH, ORP, Temperature Digital Dialysate Meter

The new Digital Dialysate Meter isdesigned to simplify testing across a variety of applications in yourclinic: Dialysate testing, water quality control, system disinfection,equipment calibration, and effluent monitoring. This instrument doesthe work of up to 7 different instruments with fast accurate resultsand user-intuituve interface.

- Standardized to 3 solution types for extremely accurate temperaturecompentation and TDS conversion
- No in-line components, elimiation the risk of cross-contamination w/patient dialysate stread
- Internal sensors offer increased durability and are included withinstrument
- Ability to test 7 solution parameters: Conductivity, pH, TDS,resistivity, ORP, free chlorine and temperature

- Features
- Autoranging
- pH Calibration Prompts
- Memory (100 Readings)
- Date & Time Stamp
- Low Battery Indicator
- Auto-Off
- Easily TransfersStored Readings to Macintosh and PC Plaforms Using bluDoc package

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