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Millipore Q-POD Element
Millipore Q-POD Element
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Millipore Q-POD Element

Part Number: ZMQSP0DE1
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Millipore Q-POD Element
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Feature: 2055
Millipore Q-POD Element

This Millipore Sigma Q-Pod element can make ultrapure water for elemental trace analysis at ppt and sub-ppt level. 

- Q-POD unit plus polysulfone POD cover to protect the base from projection of strong acids
- Foot switch with a 5 meter cable
- Plexiglass™ tubing support

- Foot switch allows water delivery, reducing the risks of external contamination, as scientists do not need to remove their hands from laminar flow hood.
- No metallic parts in the system 
- Easy and infrequent maintenance (twice a year)
- Water delivery up to 1.5 L/min

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