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Millipore Milli-DI System
Millipore Milli-DI System
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Millipore Milli-DI System

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Millipore Milli-DI System
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Millipore Milli-DI System

Produces Type 2 lab water direct from tap water.

Product Information
- Feed Water Nature: Potable Tap Water
- Product Water Volume: 10L/day
- Water Quality: Type 2

Water Quality
- Flow Rate: 50 L/h
- Product Water Resistivity: > 1 MegOhm-cm
- Product Water TOC: <50 ppb
- Voltage: 9 V

The Milli-DI system is a compact and easy-to-use water purification system that instantly provides deionized water (> 1 Megohm-cm) directly from tap water. Suitable for users requiring low volumes of purified water, 3 to 5 L/day, this battery-powered system comes with everything needed for easy installation in the lab (includes tubing for 1/2" tap fitting). Operation and maintenance of the Milli-DI system is simple, a greed LED indicates good water quality and a red LED light indicates that the DI-PAK purification pack need to be replaced. The pack contains 2.3 L of ion-exchange resin and can purify 300 L of feed water (400uS/cm and 0 ppm of CO2).

- Depth: 17 cm (6.7")
- Height: 42.9 cm(16.9")
- Width: 27 cm(10.6")
- Operating Weight: 12.3 lbs (5.6 kg)

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