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  7. Aries AF-10-3611-BB 4.5'' x 10'' Perchlorate Removal Filter
Aries AF-10-3611-BB 4.5'' x 10'' Perchlorate Removal Filter
Aries AF-10-3611-BB 4.5'' x 10'' Perchlorate Removal Filter
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Aries AF-10-3611-BB 4.5'' x 10'' Perchlorate Removal Filter

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Aries AF-10-3611-BB 4.5'' x 10'' Perchlorate Removal Filter
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Aries AF-10-3611-BB 4.5" x 10" Perchlorate Removal Filter

Key Features:
- ResinTech SIR-110-HP Gives Highest Perchlorate Selectivity
- Media Meets NSF/ANSI 61 Certification
- Superior physical stability and lower pressure drop

Aries FilterWorks cartridges uses ResinTech SIR-110-HP, a strong base anion resin. It exhibits an unusually high preference for perchlorate and a low affinity for multivalent ions. This media is supplied in chloride form as a moist, durable uniform spherical bead.

ResinTech SIR-110-P essentially eliminates all monovalent "dumping" making it useful in nitrate removal applications. The perchlorate operating capacity is virtually unaffected by the presence of sulfates.

Feature and Benefits:

ResinTech SIR-100-HP Media Certified By Water Quality Association (WQA): AF series perchlorate selective resin is WQA Gold Seal Certified and meets NSF/ANSI 61 guidelines. ResinTech SIR-110-HP has the highest operating capacity of any perchlorate selective resin. SIR-110-HP is uniform in particle size, low pressure drop and has superior physical stability

- FDA Drinking Water Approved Materials Of Construction: Sonic welded construction is a solvent free method to join and assemble plastic parts, producing the highest quality safest product

Fits Standard Residential And Industrial Size Housing: AF Series cartridges are double open ended that fit standard residential and industrial housings

Oversized Cartridge For Maximum Media Fill: AF series cartridges have up to 50% higher capacity and extend cartridge life, due to the use of larger cartridges

Quality Produced And Made in The USA: Cartridges are produced by Aries FilterWorks, a division of ResinTech. Strict quality control over all aspects of cartridge and media production allows complete traceability of every filter


Commercial Use: Perchlorates are the salts derived from perchloric acid. They occur both naturally and as a by-product of manufacturing. Improper disposal of perchlorate-containing compounds are increasingly being found in groundwater and local drinking water. Where indicated, a specific filter that targets perchlorate removal should be considered.

Residential Use: Low levels of perchlorate have been detected in both drinking water and groundwater in 35 states according to the EPA. If elevated levels are detected, use of a perchlorate filter should be considered. Currently, there are no enforceable perchlorate safety standards. The EPA's protective health level for perchlorate in drinking water is a dose estimate of less than 1 ppb.

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