Looking for a water conditioner with easy installation and worry free operation? Serv-A-Pure manufactures reliable, highly efficient water conditioning systems for organic and chlorine removal. Choose from our line of small or large commercial and industrial water conditioning systems to enjoy the benefits of hassle free pure water.

Commercial Water Conditioners

Serv-A-Pure company has been in the water conditioning profession since 1946 and can install, small residential water softeners, up to large commercial/industrial water conditioners. Whether you are in the need for a commercial softener or a high purity carbon filtration system, Serv-A-Pure has the knowledge and experience to design and install the correct system for you.

- Organic and chlorine removal
- Up to 300 GPM
- FDA registered
- Worry Free Operation
- Salt Delivery
- Residential
- Hospitals
- Boiler Feed
- High Purity Systems
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