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  6. VP-08-3203, Anion (Hydroxide Form) Half Size Cartridge
VP-08-3203, Anion (Hydroxide Form) Half Size Cartridge
VP-08-3203, Anion (Hydroxide Form) Half Size Cartridge
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VP-08-3203, Anion (Hydroxide Form) Half Size Cartridge

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VP-08-3203, Anion (Hydroxide Form) Half Size Cartridge
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VP-08-3203, Anion (Hydroxide Form) Half Size Cartridge

- Ultra High Purity Water
- Vaponics and Barnstead Compatible
- Lowest Operating Costs
- OH- Form

VP series cartridges provide ultra high purity filtration for a variety of applications. Constructed of non-pigmented, virgin materials the spin welded construction provides the longest life and highest quality.Applications include deionization, submicron filtration, organics, chlorine, oxygen and amine removal.

Standard filters fit all ARIES, UNIX and Vaponics systems and are compatible with Barnstead ¨PCS¨ systems. Hose nipple end caps have tapered ends for easy connections. Straight nipple tube ends can be used with any 3/8"compression or tubing fitting. Threaded 1/8" male npt connections are also available.

Features& Benefits

- Capacity: 1,290 grains
- Spin welded construction
- High purity plastic components
- Individually lot numbered
- Highest capacity cartridges
- Vaponicsâ„¢ and Barnsteadâ„¢ Compatible
- Cartridge kits available
- Custom filters available

Barnstead Equivalent

- D50214


ConnectionsVaponics®/Aries® Style or Barnstead® PCS Options: 3/8" Tapered Hose Barb
Material of ConstructionNon pigmented ABS
DiameterStandard: 3.38"
Nipple: 3.50"
Body Length (Standard)16.31"
Over all Length
Hose Nipple17.8"
Hose Nipple (2/3 size)10.75"
Volume(Standard)134.2 cu. in. (0.078 cu. ft.)
Shipping Weight4.8 lbs
Flow1.0 GPM (3.8 LPM)
Maximum Pressure30 psi

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