Reverse osmosis systems can have long term health and economic benefits by providing clean water on site without the cost of delivery, or the inconvenience of having to purchase bottled water. Whether you're looking for one with a built-in electronic monitor or an energy efficient design, we offer several single pass and double pass RO systems with customizable features to suite a wide variety of commercial and residential applications.

FSMD RO Series

The H2Only FSMD Series can provide 2,600 through 18,200 GPD of pure water. This system can be installed anywhere from equipment manufacturers to industrial plants. Please contact our engineers for proper sizing and application of your system.


   FSMD Series RO Facts:

    -  Manufactured of quality USA made components

    -   Electronic Controller (Displays Feed & Product Purity, % Rejection,
              staged start up, programmable auto flush, control of distribution & booster
             pumps, monitors pretreatment interlocks)

    -   H2Only Silent Service Pump (canned SS submersible pump for quieter
             more reliable operation, 208 VAC three phase standard)

    -   Automatic Flow Control (precisely meters the reject water and maintains
             pressure differential across the membranes)

    -   High Quality TFC Membranes, by Hydranautics

    -   System Capacities from 2,600 thru 18,200 GPD (@ 77 �F feed water)

    -   Concentration recirculation standard on all units

    -   Low water pressure shut down standard on all units

    -   Permeate divert standard on all units

   Electronic Controller Monitors & Controls the Following:
  Download FSMD 2100 Controller Spec Sheet

    -   Feed and Product Conductivity
    -  Distribution & Booster Pumps
    -   Remote System Monitor
    -  Staged System Start-up  
    -  Programmable Auto Flush
    -   Storage Tank Level
    -  Low Feed Pressure
    -  Pretreatment Interlocks
    -  Feed Water Solenoid Valve



    -   Booster Pumps & Repressurization Pumps
    -   Pretreatment & Post Treatment Equipment
    -   pH Monitor/Controller
    -   Storage Tanks & Level Controls   
    -  Deionization Polish Tanks, 18.2 MegOhm*cm water

HF Series RO Systems

The HF Series if the largest RO series. This series can provide 18,200 to 200,000+ GPD of purified water. All RO's in the HF series can be customer engineered to fit any pure water requirements. The HF series have been used in many applications from solar cell manufacturing to semiconductor manufacturing, to irrigation systems. Please contact our engineers for proper sizing and application of your system.

Standard Features Include:

- H2Only Controller 

Electronic Controller

(Provides staged start-up of High Pressure pump, Sanitize System Key Lock, Low Feed Pressure Shutdown, High Permeate Pressure Shutdown, High Feed Temperature Shutdown, High Primary Pump Pressure Shutdown, Remote Power Off, Audible Alarm, Alarm Reset, Alarm Silence, Integrated (3) Level Storage Tank Control, Distribution Pump Hand/Off/Auto Control, Water Quality Monitor with Percent Rejection Display

- High Durability Powder Coated Steel Framework

- SS High Pressure Pump

- Codeline Brand Fiberglass Pressure Vessels

- Energy Efficient Hydranautics Membranes 

- GF Signet Brand Instrumentation

- Product Water Divert on Startup

- Concentrate Flush on Startup

Optional Features:

- Stainless Steel Framework 

- Installed Spare High Pressure Pump (to limit downtime)

- Installed Additional Membrane Array (to limi downtime and allow running while cleaning offline membranes) 

- Chemical Feed Pump for Chlorine Removal or pH Adjustment

- Deionization Polish Tanks for 18+ MegOhm Water 

- Clean In Place (CIP) Unit to Easier Facilitate Membrane Cleaning

- Custom Controllers on Request, such as Rockwell Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, Siemens, or Moeller 

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