How To Request Credit Line from Serv-A-Pure Co.


We strive to make ordering from Serv-A-Pure as easy as possible and try and offer as many ways to order from us as we can. The following is how to request a line of credit from Serv-A-Pure Company.


Download Credit Application Form Credit

Credit application form is available at this Adobe PDF Link for Credit Application in Adobe PDF Format. This format can be digitally filled out, printed, signed, and returned to Serv-A-Pure Company. See below on return instructions. 

Return Instructions

Once your credit application is filled out, and signed you can return it to:

     - E-mail (preferred) to: [email protected]

     - Fax to: 989-892-1092

     - Mail to:

                    Serv-A-Pure Co.

                    Attn: Credit Processing

                    6780 Westside Saginaw Rd.

                    Bay City, MI 48706   USA

Default Terms

New accounts are default Net 30 Day, unless you receive an exception in writing from Serv-A-Pure Company, there are no exceptions from this rule.


Finance Charges

Finance charges are added to accounts that are past their Net 30 days terms. Finance charges are 1.5% of the total amount due per month (18% annually).


Purchase Orders

We accept all corporate purchase orders once a credit check has been performed. If you would like to order via PO, please fax us at (989) 892-1092 or email us at [email protected] the PO along with a company credit application. Once your credit application has been processed we will notify you, and ship out the items on your ordered.


Sales Tax

Orders are subject to state sales tax. Companies that are tax exempt must include their company name as a part of their order. Your company name as ordered must match the company on your tax exemption certificate for your tax exception request to be accepted.

Information About Serv-A-Pure Company

Current W-9 Information:

Serv-A-Pure W-9 Form

Current International Bank Wire Transfer Information:

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