One of the most common questions we get asked at Serv-A-Pure is ‘What sediment filter is right for my applications?’ Unfortunately, there is not one simple answer. Since each situation is unique, the style, size and micron rating will vary for different applications.

What style sediment filter should I get? 

When looking for a sediment filter for whole house applications, it is recommended to install either a 10” or 20” big blue style filter. Using a big blue filter in whole applications allows for proper flow, lower pressure drop and significantly longer lifespans. 

What size should my sediment filter be? 

It is not recommended to install a 2.5” diameter filter on whole house applications, as this size filter does not have the capacity to handle the flow required. 2.5” diameter filters should be used more on point-of-use applications, such as single faucets, toilets or appliances. 

What is the proper micron rating for my sediment filter? 

The best way to determine what micron rating you need for your whole house application is through trial and error. In certain situations a sediment filter can last up to 12 months or more, and in other situations the filter will last 3 weeks. Start with a 5 or 10 micron filter, see how is performs and make adjustments afterwards. If your 5-micron filter plugs up after 3 weeks, next time try a 20-micron filter. The lower the micron rating, the more sediment the filter will catch, but the quicker it can plug up as well. As long as you do not see any sediment making it past your filter, you know you have the right micron rating. If you notice sediment making it past the filter, then you can go ahead and try a lower micron rated filter. 

Choosing the right sediment filter is a balancing act and the final choice will be the end users alone. Taking in mind the performance of the filter, the lifespan and the cost will help you determine the best sediment filter for you.