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Harmsco HC-90-AC-5, 5 Micron Premium Carbon Cartridge
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Harmsco HC-90-AC-5, 5 Micron Premium Carbon Cartridge

Part Number: HC/90-AC-5
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Harmsco HC-90-AC-5, 5 Micron Premium Carbon Cartridge
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Harmsco HC/90-AC-5, 5 Micron Premium Carbon Cartridge

Designed for Hurricane® and WaterBetter® Filter housings

Activated Carbon cartridges for Hurricane® and WaterBetter® filter housings - featuring 5 micron nominal pre-filtration. The industry's largest carbon block cartridge.

- High Chlorine Removal
- High THM's removal
- Lower initial pressure drops
- Reduced maintenance down time and cost
- Longer filter runs for fewer change-outs
- Increased contaminant removal - Taste, odors and DPB's
- Install and easy to clean

- High performance extruded activated carbon block technology
- Integrated 5 micron pleated pre-filter for extended life
- Three sizes for greater media surface area
- Low initial pressure drop compared to granular activated carbon (no channeling)
- Patented Dual Durometer end caps to ensure better sealing
- Engineered media for superior performance
- Cleanable and reusable in most application
- DBP (disinfection by-product) Tested

- Commercial/Residential Drinking Water Filtration          - Industrial Waste Water Treatmen
- Reverse Osmosis Pre-Filtration                                        - Environmental Filtration
- Water Bottling Filtration                                                   - Industrial/Commercial Process Water
- Point of entry for the dwelling                                                           
Each Cartridge is individually shrink wrapped and boxed for protection

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