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HM Digital FM-2: Filter Monitor with Volumizer
HM Digital FM-2: Filter Monitor with Volumizer
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HM Digital FM-2: Filter Monitor with Volumizer

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HM Digital FM-2: Filter Monitor with Volumizer
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HMDigital FM-2: Filter Monitor with Volumizer

Thenew filter monitor is an innovative system to alert when a filter needsto be changed via color-coded lights at the base of the faucet. Thebattery-powered FM-2 has five timers for a 5-stage system as well as awater volumizer andprogrammable set-points and alarms for each function, all in a crisp,attractive housing

-A five-stage filter monitor with five independent timers and atri-color LED faucet indicator disc
- Counts time and volume for up to five stages (can be less)
-The LED indicator disc will illuminate a green, yellow or red lightwhen the water is turned on. The color indicates the percentage ofelapsed time and volume used
-Auto-off function conserves battery power. The unit shuts offautomatically after 5 minutes of non-use
- The timer counts down in months or days (settings can be modified)
- The volumizer counts up in gallons or liters (settings can bemodified)
- Includes an audible alarm (beep)
- Modern design is perfect for any kitchen
- Includes the FMS-1 Water Flow Switch
- Installs quickly and easily

- Time Range: 0-999 days/months

- Timer Modes: Days or months (default mode is months)
- Volume Range - 0-99999 Gallons/Liters
- Volume Modes - Gallons (default) or liters
- Volume Accuracy - +/-1% (at typical flow rates of approx. 1.5 to 2.5LPM; low and high rates may affect accuracy)
- Maximum Pressure - 150 psi
- Settings - One alert per stage, up to five stages
- Default Settings - 12 months
- Batteries - 2 x AA (included)
- Battery Life: † Approx.† 18 months
- Base Unit Dimensions: 100 x 63 x 23 mm (4 x 2.5 x 0.9 inches)

- Base Unit Weight: 119 g (4.2 oz) (including batteries)
- Flow Switch Cable Length - 93 cm (36.6 in)
- Flow Switch Fitting Size - 1/4" quick connect
- LED Faucet Indicator Disc Cable Length: 92 cm (36.25 in.)
- LED Faucet Indiactor Disc Dimensions: 4.75 (1-1/4" in.) dia., 8 cm(5/16") High

1. Press the PWR/STG button to turn the power on
2. Press the PWR/STG button to advance to the stage that needs to bereset
3. Press the SET button. "SET" will appear on the screen
4. Press and hold the SET button for two seconds. The unit will beeptwice and "SET" will disappear
5. That stage has been reset. The timer will restart counting down, andthe volumizer will restart counting up from zero.
6. Press and hold the PWR/STG button to turn the power off

MSRP $58.00 /ea.

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