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Cartridge Metex II, 3C0400002
Cartridge Metex II, 3C0400002
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Cartridge Metex II, 3C0400002

Part Number: 3C0400002
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Cartridge Metex II, 3C0400002
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Cartridge Metex II, 3C0400002

Metex II, IWT Ion Exchange Cartridges. Convenient, economical, high quality modular water filtration systems which operates on city water pressure and can be expanded to fit most lab needs. No electricity required. Up to 18 MegOhm water quality can be achieved with these cartridges.

Features& Benefits

- Applications include removal of all metallic ions to a level of 1% of the influent concentration. Removes ammonia and other cations from condensate samples.
- Consistent source of high quality water at 50% the cost of distilled water
- Removes organics, phosphates, chlorine & essentially all ionizable constituents from your water supply
- Convenient color change resin to indicate resin exhaustion
- Quick and easy installation
- No instruments needed
- Water quality up to 18 megohm-cm resistivity can be achieved
- Flexible system configuration
- Evoqua Part Number: W3T183794


Flow Rate7.2 GPH
Capacity (grains as CaCO3)3200
Dimensions3-1/2" x 19-3/4"
Operating Pressure (Max) 30 PSI

Alternate Part Numbers: 3C0400003, W3T183794, W3T184546

* IWT is a Registered Trademark of Evoqua Water Technologies

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