I'm trying to find a filter that will cover the whole house and was wondering if the Pentek 155319, WS-10 filter would be suitable for this. If it is, approximately how long will it last? 


This filter is not meant for a whole house application. This filter is only rated for 750 grain removal of the water and will be used up very quickly with even the smallest amount of hardness in your water. Typically you do not use a cartridge for hardness removal since there is not a large capacity in these cartridges and I recommend if you have a large amount of hardness in your water that you install a whole house water softening system. If you are set on using a cartridge for your whole house then I would recommend either the Pentek WS-20BB which has a 4,500 grain capacity or the AF-20-3003-BB which has a 6,200 grain capacity but again these would be used up very quickly with any amount of hardness in your water.