Serv-A-Pure’s online store began in 1998, when we recognized the need for an e-commerce store to supply both industrial facilities and home-owners quality water filters and housings. Throughout the years, our product line has expanded to include water purification system, UV systems, flow meters, water pumps, ion exchange medias, water quality meters and many other products. Located in Bay City, Michigan, our warehouse is home to thousands of products that are both of high quality and are also competitively priced. As Serv-A-Pure continues to grow, our business model will stay the same: offer quality products at the best prices, all without sacrificing service.


Here at Serv-A-Pure, we pride ourselves on our customer service and expertise with the products we sell. From the minute you place your order online or call us on the phone, you will find yourself working with a highly experienced customer service agent who know the products inside-out. From start to finish we partner with you to accommodate your needs, budget, and deadlines. Call us up or place your order online today and let us show you the difference Serv-A-Pure can make on your next water filtration or purification job.


Serv-A-Pure® was founded in 1946 by Howard H. Herzberger in Bay City, Michigan under the name of Herzberger’s Water Conditioning.

Initially the business sold basic water treatment systems such as water softeners, water conditioners, carbon filtration systems and ultraviolet light units. In November 1959, Dow Chemical Company asked for Serv-A-Pure® to produce “deionized water.” This was a crucial step for Serv-A-Pure®. Ultra pure water produced by deionization proved to be a hit for Serv-A-Pure®.

Through a proprietary process perfected by Howard Herzberger; Serv-A-Pure® was able to regenerate cation and anion resin beads to attain a maximum capacity much higher than their competitors. This opened many doors - business grew.

Howard J. and Richard, an electrical engineer, joined their father in the company in 1970 and 1972 respectively. In 1976, the company was incorporated under the name Serv-A-Pure® Company.

In 2000, Serv-A-Pure® achieved FDA registration in the manufacturing division, H2Only for Complete Water Purification System for Hemodiaylsis. Shortly after 2001, a decision was made to design, manufacture, and sell Reverse Osmosis Systems for large industrial uses. Not only were the systems designed by Serv-A-Pure® more efficient, but they proved to be competitively priced and aesthetically pleasing. As the demand for ultra pure water grew, Serv-A-Pure® developed larger reverse osmosis water systems. With the addition of third generation engineers, Jonathon Herzberger, chemical engineer in 2002, and Adam Wuerfel, mechanical engineer in 2007; Serv-A-Pure® has been able to meet and exceed the demands of a competitive ultra pure water treatment systems market.

In 2009 the home office was newly remodeled with double the capacity for manufacturing.

Let Serv-A-Pure® prove what their years of experience can do for you.

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